Sermon Videos

Check out some of our recent Sunday reflections on you-tube:

Sunday, January 19 – “They Showed Us Unusual Kindness” focusing on the shipwreck of Paul in Acts 27 and 28

Sunday, January 12 – “Back to Reality” focusing on the Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3)

Videos from 2019

Sunday, December 22 – “Christmas Around the World: The Middle East” focusing on Matthew 2

Sunday, December 15 – “Christmas Around the World: Mexico” focusing on Luke 2: 1-7 (Please note that due to technical difficulties, the ending of this sermon had to be re-recorded after worship)

Sunday, December 8 – “Christmas Around the World: Australia” focusing on Isaiah 11

Sunday, December 1 – “Christmas Around the World: Germany” focusing on the teaching of John the Baptist (Matthew 3)

Sunday, November 24 – “Tough Choices” focusing on the story of Rahab (Joshua 2)

Sunday, November 17 – “I don’t want to be a leader” focusing on the story of Moses

Sunday, November 10 – “What makes a Hero?” focusing on the story of Deborah (Judges 4 and 5)

Sunday, November 3 – “Leaving a Legacy” focusing on Joseph’s legacy (Genesis 50: 15-26)

Sunday, October 20 – “A New Way of Life” focusing on Jacob wrestling with God (Genesis 32: 22-31)

Sunday, October 6 – “God Inspires” focusing on Abraham and Sarah

Sunday, September 29 – “What’s with all the sheep?” a reflection on Matthew 18:12-14

Sunday, September 22 – “Noah: The Obedient Eccentric” a reflection on Genesis 6-9

Sunday, June 9 – “Sharing the Spirit” a Pentecost reflection on Acts 2

Sunday, May 26 – “Dreaming with God” a reflection on Revelation 21: 1-9

Sunday, May 19 – “The Courage to Change” a reflection on Acts 9

Sunday, May 12 (Pride Sunday)  – “Fearfully and Wonderfully Made” a reflection on Psalm 139

Sunday, May 5 – “Grief and Grace” a reflection on John 21: 1-19

Sunday, April 30 – “Low Sunday” a reflection on Luke 24:13-35

Sunday, April 14 (Palm Sunday) – “Where the Wild Things Are: King of the Wild Things” a reflection on John 12: 12-19

Sunday, April 7 – “Where the Wild Things Are: The Wild Rumpus” a reflection on Matthew 3:13-4:11 

Sunday, March 31 – “Where the Wild Things Are: Where is Home?” a reflection on Luke 3:21,22 and Luke 4:1-15

Sunday, March 24 – “Where the Wild Things Are: Lonely or Alone?” a reflection on Matthew 4: 1-11

Sunday, March 17 – “Where the Wild Things Are: Looking Things in the Eye” a reflection on Luke 4:1-13

Sunday, March 10 – “Where the Wild Things Are: Acknowledging the Wilderness” a reflection on Luke 4:9-13

Sunday, March 3 – “Who’s going to do the dishes?” a reflection on Luke 10: 38-42

Sunday, February 24 – “Who is My Neighbour?” a reflection on Luke 10:25-37

Sunday, February 10 – “How’s Your Foundation?” a reflection on Matthew 7: 24-29

Sunday, February 3 – “Making a Hole in the Roof” a reflection on Luke 5: 17-26

Sunday, January 27 – “Tell Me the Stories of Jesus” a reflection on Matthew 13: 1-13

Sunday, January 20- “The Measure of Greatness” a reflection on Mark 9: 33-37

Sunday, January 13 – “You are God’s Beloved” a reflection on Luke 3: 15-23 (baptism of Jesus)

Sunday, January 6 – “We Dare Not Forget King Herod” a reflection on Matthew 2 (the arrival of the Magi and the massacre of the innocents)

Videos from 2018

Sunday, December 23 – “Keeping it Real at Christmas: Making Peace with what is” a reflection on Luke 2:1-7 (the birth of Jesus)

Sunday, December 16 – “Keeping it Real at Christmas: Joy is more than an Emoji” a reflection on Matthew 2: 21-38 (presentation in the temple)

Sunday, December 9 – “Keeping it Real at Christmas: Loving Actual People” a reflection on Matthew 1: 18-24 (the annunciation to Joseph)

Sunday, December 2 – “Keeping it Real at Christmas: Hope – It’s not what you expect” a reflection on Luke 1: 26-38 (the annunciation to Mary)

Sunday, October 28 – “Anointed with Great Expectations” a reflection on 1 and 2 Samuel

Sunday, October 21 – “Whose Advice Should You Follow?” a reflection on the book of Judges

Sunday, October 14 – “Joseph and Why No One Understands Me” a reflection on Genesis 37-47

Sunday, October 7 – “Blessed to be a Blessing” a reflection on Genesis 35

Sunday, September 30 – “When Life Isn’t Easy” a reflection on Genesis 32 and 33

Sunday, September 23 – “Because Families are Complicated” a reflection on Genesis 27 and 28

Sunday, September 16 – “Holy Hospitality” a reflection on Genesis 18: 1-15

Book Club Night

Join us at the home of Rob and Jennifer on Sat. Jan 25 at 7 p.m. to explore Rupert Ross’s book “Indigenous Healing, Exploring Traditional Paths”

Annual Meeting

Come and discuss the life and work of our congregation in the past year as we plan for the future.  After worship on Sun. Feb. 9

“I feel at home at Trinity through all my life circumstances. At Trinity I experience meaningful and real connection… with myself, with people young and old from a variety of walks of life, and with God.”