When we baptize infants or small children, we ask their parents to make a commitment on their behalf to raise their child as part of a faith community. Along with the church community, parents or guardians covenant to help their children encounter God in the stories of our faith and in everyday life so that they can develop their own personal relationship with God.

As we enter our teens, we begin to ask new and different questions about what faith means to us personally.  We consider what values are important to us and how we want to live out ouconfirmation-candles-close-upr lives.  While the journey of faith is a lifelong one, Confirmation provides an opportunity to pause and ask ourselves like:

  • “What do I believe?”
  • “How do I nurture my relationship with the holy?”
  • “Why do I go to church anyways?”
  • “What really matters to me?”

It is also a chance to claim for ourselves the promises our parents or guardians made on our behalf when we were small.  If we were not baptized as a child, it is possible to combine baptism and confirmation into one celebration as a teen or adult.  Youth who have not been baptized are most welcome to participate in Confirmation Classes.

If you are interested in Confirmation, please speak to Julie.

“I feel at home at Trinity through all my life circumstances. At Trinity I experience meaningful and real connection… with myself, with people young and old from a variety of walks of life, and with God.”