Julie Baker

Julie Baker has been part of the ministry team at Trinity United Church since 1999 and she isn’t tired of it yet.  She enjoys finding meaning in the midst of ordinary life, and encouraging people to “sing along”.  She also loves conversations with children.  While her office is a complete disaster, she seems to be able to function surprisingly well.  She also likes swimming and spending time with her nieces.

Elijah Mwandila

Jacquie Bennet

Jacquie Bennet has been the office administrator at Trinity since 2007.  She is the friendly voice you will hear first if you call or drop by during office hours (Monday to Friday, 9-12 and 1-4).  If you need to know anything about the church calendar, upcoming events, your tax receipt or where to find something at the church, she is your go-to person.

“I feel at home at Trinity through all my life circumstances. At Trinity I experience meaningful and real connection… with myself, with people young and old from a variety of walks of life, and with God.”